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6" Double Point Set

A 6" Double Point Set is a great way to have all the tools you need at the ready.  It is an indispensable product for sock and mitt knitters.  These sets are both luxurious and practical, and are perfect for knitters of all levels.  Great too for designers looking to find their perfect gauge! We are delighted to offer products that support sustainability and quality craftsmanship.

The case is made from cotton denim. It has a classic look with neutral shades. The slim fit allows for easy storage, and the quadrifold design and snap band insure a secure closure. There is an extra accessory pocket for stitch markers, darning needles, etc.

The 6" Double Point Set comes in three options:

A - includes US sizes 0-8 (including sizes 1½ and 2½)
B - includes US sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
C - case only