Crystal Palace Bamboo News http://www.cpbamboo.com Tue, 17 May 2022 16:59:46 +0100 FeedCreator 1.7.2 Shop Spotlight: Fiddlehead Yarns http://www.cpbamboo.com <div style="text-align: left;"><br /><a href="" target="_blank"><img class="img-responsive" style="margin: 10px;" src="" alt="Sweater modeling at Fiddlehead Yarns" width="500" height="309" align="left" /><br />Fiddlehead Yarns</a>&nbsp;is a bright and comfortable shop filled with beautiful yarns and supplies to assist you and your knitting creativity.</div> <br />Located in Kenosha, Fiddlehead Yarns opened its doors in 2006. They are proud to be the home to many domestic yarns such as Stonehedge Fiber Mill, Peace Fleece and Quince &amp; Co along with traditional favorites such a Jamieson&rsquo;s Shetland Wool, Tukuwool, Biches &amp; Buches and Lopi. "We love supporting fellow small businesses and are honored to have great products in our shop, including <a href=";post_type=product" target="_blank">Crystal Palace Needles</a>!"<br /><br />Besides a beautiful product selection and cozy atmosphere, the shop offers classes and workshops throughout the year.&nbsp; Delight your creative senses this winter with one of their <a href="" target="_blank">upcoming classes</a>, like the Pom-Pom Workshop, Atria Mittens class or Beginning Knitting.&nbsp; <br /><br />If you can't stop by in person, Fiddlehead Yarns has a wonderful online shop as well.<br /><br /> <div style="text-align: center;"><a href="" target="_blank"><img class="img-responsive" src="" alt="FIddlehead Yarns logo" width="391" height="72" /></a></div> <div style="text-align: center;">7511 - 26th Ave</div> <div style="text-align: center;">Kenosha, WI</div> <div style="text-align: center;">(262) 92-KNITS (56487)</div> <div style="text-align: center;"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></div> Shop Spotlight! Reverie Yarn, Decor & Gifts http://www.cpbamboo.com <p><img class="img-responsive" style="float: left; margin: 10px;" src="" alt="Reverie exterior" width="576" height="462" /><a href="" target="_blank"><img class="img-responsive" style="float: left; margin: 5px 10px 5px 10px;" src="" alt="Reverie interior" width="576" height="462" />Reverie, Yarn, D&eacute;cor &amp; Gifts</a> has been a successful retailer for the past seven years, located in beautiful downtown Goshen, Indiana, where 33,000 people call home. The downtown district is the envy of many other neighboring towns. It is vibrant and hosts many successful venues throughout the year. Goshen is also the county seat of Elkhart County and the home of Goshen College. The Elkhart County 4-H Fair is one of the largest in the United States. Reverie is fortunate to be one of the anchor stores downtown and settled in a building constructed in the 1880&rsquo;s.</p> <p>Goshen had a knit shop which the owners decided to close. One of those partners hated the thought of the town not having a yarn shop and found new partners who agreed that indeed, Goshen had to have a place for local fiber artists to shop and socialize.</p> <p>Reverie is a store where creativity and inspiration co-exists. There are seven women partners who make this dream work. They added upscale gifts and accessories which their customers love. The store has quickly become a shopping destination and is the only yarn shop in about a 50 mile radius. Besides serving the town and neighboring areas, Reverie also attracts customers from larger cities like the South Bend and Fort Wayne areas.</p> <p>Half of the staff consists of the &ldquo;yarnies&rdquo; and the others select the gifts. The talented knitting staff offer classes for knitters, crocheters, spinners, and weavers. They host an Open Knit Night once a month which they refer to as &ldquo;social knitworking&rdquo;. The partners and staff love getting to know customers through their many special events. Yarn and yoga along their millrace, felting, dyeing class, wine and yarn at a local winery, Small Shop Saturday in November, Make It &ndash; Take it (small gifts) in December, and Spin Her Free in January, a day of spinning to recognize awareness of sexual and human trafficking.</p> <p>Probably the biggest event each year is February Funday! This is an all-day knitting, crocheting learning event. Participants receive gift bags with goodies supplied by many vendors with prizes, food and giveaways. The event is limited to 15 people who must register and pay a fee to join in on the fun.</p> <p>At Reverie the owners try to highlight already well-known yarn lines but try to include indie hand dyes and locally produced yarns as well. &ldquo;Sometimes, however, we do make mistakes and thus have a perpetual sale room! We learned that our customers are not into glittery or angora type yarns.</p> <p>&ldquo;Our inventory focus is on vendors we can trust. That is why Crystal Palace is an integral part of Reverie. It is a name our customers are familiar with, they offer a quality product, and customer service is top notch!&rdquo;</p> <p>Visit Reverie in Goshen or online. It will be well worth the trip!<br /><br /></p> <div style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size: 18pt;">Reverie Yarn, D&eacute;cor &amp; Gifts</span></div> <div style="text-align: center;">201 S Main St</div> <div style="text-align: center;">Goshen IN 46526</div> <div style="text-align: center;">(574) 971-5129</div> <div style="text-align: center;"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></div> Shop Spotlight: Heidi's Yarn Haven http://www.cpbamboo.com <h2><a href="" target="_blank"><img class="img-responsive" style="float: left; margin: 10px 20px 10px 20px;" src="" alt="Heidi and Purl" width="288" height="432" /></a></h2> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Heidi's Yarn Haven</a>&nbsp;is a vibrant yarn shop in Ukiah, CA.&nbsp; Ukiah is located in southern Mendocino county and sits on the Hwy 101 corridor where wine country meets the redwoods. The shop is located in historic downtown and is surrounded by other locally owned small boutique style shops and restaurants.<br /><br />After 10 years in banking, Heidi was looking for a change and Ukiah had not had a local yarn shop for 4 years. She loved knitting and had spent some time managing the local yarn shop years before. It seemed like a good time for both herself and the community to reestablish a local yarn shop, and so &ldquo;Heidi&rsquo;s Yarn Haven&rdquo; was born.<br /><br />The staff is made up of 3 women, Heidi and her shop pup &ldquo;Purl.&rdquo;</p> <p>Clara is an incredibly talented and creative fiber artist. Sharon, a retired school teacher, learned to knit at the shop and has progressed brilliantly. It has been no surprise that she has become one of the shop's beginning knitting instructors. Jenny also learned to knit here at the shop. She is an enthusiastic knitter and now leads a monthly knit night and also helps out in the shop during the days. &ldquo;Purl&rdquo; is Heidi's rescue dog who joined the shop last year. She has taken on the role of our official shop greeter and is loved by all.</p> <p>Being located on the Hwy 101 corridor brings customers from both near and far. They are a loyal and creative bunch. They are kind and welcoming to each other and help to nurture creativity in one another. The majority are knitters, but lately there has been an upswing in crocheters as well.<br /><br />Heidi's Yarn Haven offers a variety of classes, some ongoing and some specialty classes. The shop hosts a weekly beginning knit/crochet and trouble shooting class. Each month they host an afghan &ldquo;block of the month&rdquo; class. This class builds knitting skills while creating a heritage style afghan over the course of 12 months. There are a variety of other classes including socks, sweaters, and shop knit-a-long&rsquo;s as well as a shop guild meeting.</p> <p>"My shop is first and foremost a shop that is welcoming to all. Shop inventory focuses on all different kinds of quality yarn and notions to satisfy the needs of customers from all income bases. We have something lovely for everyone.</p> <p>"Crystal Palace Bamboo is highly polished and swivel on the needle and service is outstanding. They have been a staple in my shop for 20 years."</p> <p><span class="s_icon_32">&nbsp;</span></p> <h2 style="text-align: center;">Heidi's Yarn Haven<span class="s_icon_32"></span><br /><span class="s_icon_32"></span></h2> <p style="text-align: center;"><span class="s_icon_32">180 South&nbsp;School Street<br />Ukiah, California 95482<br />(707) 462-0544<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br /></span></p> <h2 style="text-align: center;"><br /><br /></h2> Shop Spotlight: Balzac & Company of Ocean Grove, NJ http://www.cpbamboo.com <h2><img class="img-responsive" src="" alt="" width="1170" height="285" align="" /><br />Your Local Seaside Yarn Shop</h2> <p><br />Located in the quaint town of Ocean Grove, NJ, <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank"> Balzac &amp; Company</a> is a feast for the senses and a reboot for the spirit.&nbsp; The shop is a fairly new kid on the block, having just opened its doors in October 2018.&nbsp; Since, it has built a vibrant stitching community of knitters and crocheters who are lured in by the wonderful products, the calm, inviting interior, the exciting shop events and of course, by the charm of its very hospitable host, Russell Brent.</p> <p><br />"The Ocean Grove community is so diverse&mdash;we value that," says Russell.&nbsp; "There are members who live here all year, a portion who call Ocean Grove home outside of winter and of course the famous tenters (a vacation tent colony in Ocean Grove dating back to 1870), who arrive around Memorial Day and depart after Labor Day. The unifying theme is that of community, neighbors socialize, kids grow up together and keep in touch through the decades, and everyone bands together to celebrate successes and offer support during challenges."&nbsp; The shop has been so well-received that they found themselves moving to a larger space less than six months after opening.<br /><br /></p> <h2>For the Love of Yarn and Craft</h2> <p><br />The shop carries a wide selection of yarns from a diverse range of producers. While they do have the workhorse yarns that are perfect for that baby blanket, the majority of the collection is for that beautiful shawl or sweater made as a gift to yourself or loved one.&nbsp; You can find both <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank"> Crystal Palace Bamboo</a> and <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank"> Ann Noring</a> patterns stocked here as well.</p> <p><br />The Balzac staff has a broad range of skills and abilities, including knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving. They each have their own specific interests, from socks to sweaters to lace. Their unifying interest is to challenge themselves in learning new techniques in order to bring a broader range of projects to their customers.<br /><br /></p> <h2>Come Visit &amp; Join in the Fun</h2> <p><br />The shop regularly offers classes for beginning to advanced techniques, taught by both in-house staff and by visiting teachers and artists. They also offer other events, from designer trunk shows to weaving demonstrations. "We&rsquo;re learning more from our the community about what they want and this allows us to evolve and build out our calendar."</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>One event of particular note is the very popular "<a href="" target="_blank">Knit in the Pit</a>".&nbsp; Typically held at the Asbury Hotel in neighboring Asbury Park, the event will be hosted on the second Friday of the month this June, July and August at Balzac &amp; Co.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>"Come visit - long-time yarners or otherwise! We enjoy getting to know the community and maybe we can convince you to cast on or just share some local news."</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>If you can't make it to the shop, be sure to visit their online shop at <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2 style="text-align: center;">Balzac &amp; Company</h2> <p style="text-align: center;">48 Main Avenue<br /> Ocean Grove, NJ 07756<br /> (732) 898-6898<br /> <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank"></a></p> About Us http://www.cpbamboo.com