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iinouiio Recycled Yarn

Crystal Palace Bamboo is excited to be distributing iinouiio recycled wool yarn in the U.S. iinouiio (in-ew-ee-oh) Hand Knitting Yarn is made in Yorkshire, England from 80% recycled pre-loved woolen clothing. The iinouiio project believes in using the textiles we have for as long as possible, to find new uses for them, dispose wisely, recycle, and consume thoughtfully.
Patterns available through yarn stores. See more info on Ravelry.

iinouiio: Part of a Solution

"The company iinouiio (acronym: ‘it is never over until it is over’) demonstrates and promotes responsible textile materials and methods. Our name represents the joy of continuing the work of our family business (Evergreen), over thirty years ago. We are the only traditional Yorkshire textile recyclers remaining in production, breathing new life into discarded textiles; converting them into a range of fibres, yarns and fabrics. According to ‘Case Study 181’, a report compiled by the British Textile Technology Group, there are huge savings in energy, water and pollution from choosing recycled wool made in the UK. (See"

In addition to the significant energy savings:

Fresh water consumption and effluent production are greatly reduced because processes such as raw wool scouring and dyeing do not need to be repeated.

When wool decomposes it produces methane, a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect. By recycling wool, methane production is reduced because less material goes to landfill sites. Old synthetic garments will not decompose.

Read more about the history of textile recycling in the U.K.

The Process

Waste raw materials are sorted by hand for quality and colour (no dyeing needed) and contaminants (such as zips, buttons and linings) are removed, the material is shredded (‘pulled’) and spun to produce (colour-coordinating) yarns, fabrics and non-woven felt. "This process of transformation is like watching an amazing magic show; we are so lucky to work with our passion; an example of responsible manufacturing and partnerships for future generations."

From post-consumer waste, iinouiio selects garments ‘too good’ for recycling to be re-sold on iinouiio's Depop platform: The remainder is converted into beautiful new yarns and fabrics: Follow iinouiio on Instagram @iinouiiorecycledtextiles.